What does the Junior Board do?
This much we know: we exist to serve Young Life staff and Young Life kids in the Chicagoland Region. We will serve when low commitment level service opportunities present themselves. We will help problem solve and provide wisdom. We will assist in creating a leader, committee, staff pipeline. We will make efforts to identify fundraising opportunities for Young Life. We will meet needs that are already identified and not yet imagined. The truth is we know enough to know there is something mutually beneficial here but we will also need you to stack hands on the idea of creating and pioneering with us.

If you need every T crossed and i dotted then check back with us in a year! If you are up for creating along with us then jump in now! 

Is this Board just for people who live in the city?
No. Anyone who lives in the Chicagoland area. 

Does this Board serve Young Life only in the city?
No. The board seeks to serve Young Life throughout Chicagoland including but not limited to the city. 

Do my friends or I have to have Young Life experience to be involved? 
No! Everyone is welcome!

What is the purpose of the suggested donation?
We would encourage everyone involved in the Chicagoland Junior Board to consider contributing to the work taking place in the area. If you are not able to this it will not prevent your inclusion on the board. 

What will the donated money go toward?
Every donation goes to the ministry of Young Life as a tax-exempt gift to a 501(c)(3). We are excited to figure out together how Young Life can direct these resources to Young Life projects around the Chicagoland Region.

What if I am already a Young Life leader or considering being a Young Life leader or committee member?
The truth is serving as a leader or on a local committee will be far more life giving than serving on the Junior Board. It will also require a higher commitment level. If you are at all considering either of those options you should for sure pursue them further. You are welcome to serve in both capacities if that works for you!

Do I need to be attending church or living a Christian lifestyle to be a part of the Board? 
No, all are welcome. You have to be okay with Young Life’s purpose and mission but do not need to be actively pursuing that to participate with the board. The executive team is limited to committed followers of Christ but the Board is not. 

What will we do at meetings?
We have a few different types of meetings that will take place but there will always be some combination of:

  • Social
  • Problem solving for Chicagoland Young Life areas
  • Hearing from Young Life connected successful business professionals
  • Young Life-esque content
  • Learn more about serving opportunities

What would I be committing to?

  • Demonstrated commitment to the success of Young Life ministry in Chicago, including a suggested annual donation of $250 (all gifts are made to Young Life and are made in the sole discretion of the donor)
  • Attend one Large Group meeting per year
  • Serve as a team member in organizing one event per year
  • Expectation to bring more than 10 guests to event
  • On mailing list of ongoing service opportunities

How will I benefit from being a Junior Board member?

  • Use unique giftedness in service 
  • Community and connection with like minded people
  • Access to and engage with Christ following “C suite” level leaders through our Young Life network
  • Exercise problem solving skills and leadership development opportunities
  • Explore, reconnect, grow with Christ in typical Young Life approachability