What does it take?

The Chicagoland Young Life Jr. Board is a vibrant community of Young Life alumni and friends who seek to support and promote the continued growth of Young Life in Chicago.

Board Member Desired Commitment:

  • Demonstrated commitment to the success of Young Life ministry in Chicago, including a suggested annual donation of $250 (all gifts are made to Young Life and are made in the sole discretion of the donor)
  • One large group meeting per year
  • Team member in organizing one event per year
  • Expectation to bring more than 10 guests to event
  • On mailing list of ongoing service opportunities

What are the opportunities?

for Board Members

  • Use your unique giftedness in service 
  • Community and connection with like-minded people
  • Access to and engagement with Christ following “C suite” level leaders through Young Life network
  • Exercise problem solving skills and leadership development opportunities for the Chicagoland Region
  • Explore, reconnect, and grow with Christ in typical Young Life approachability

For Chicagoland Young Life

  • Fundraising opportunities for special projects
  • Re-engage Young Life alumni toward life-long service as leaders, committee, donors
  • Real needs being met by uniquely gifted people
  • Strengthen Young Life's network across the city