Together, We Thrive.

We see a need for Young Life. We see a need for you. We see this as mutually beneficial, so we've decided to create it together.

Our Vision:

  • Connect Young Life alumni and their friends ages 35 and under with community, meaning, and a way to (re)engage with Christ in a Young Life style.

  • Chicagoland Young Life gains human and financial support to benefit kids in Chicago.

Our Mission:

We exist to serve the Chicagoland Young Life staff by expanding the Chicagoland Young Life network among young adults in this area, reconnecting and introducing them to Young Life.

Our Purpose:

Chicago is the number one destination for college graduates in the Midwest. These young professionals come to Chicago for jobs, but often struggle to feel connected to anything meaningful. In addition, many Young Life alumni who grew up in the city often drift from the transformative community they were a part of in junior high and high school. Psychologists refer to these years as "the lost years," and up until this point, Young Life hasn't provided an easy entry point for these folks to fit into, which hurts both us and them.

Many are not able to commit to being volunteer leaders or on committee – based on lifestyle, work demands, or even their current state of faith. While some may have had previous experience with Young Life, they may have difficulty in post-college years finding a church or a purposeful community. 

We are seeking to build a network of Young Life alumni and friends in Chicago that would be interested in donating their time and money to the mission in a way that requires little time commitment, but provides a sense of meaning, community, and purpose for their lives in the city. 

Chicagoland Young Life Junior Board is a ministry of the Chicagoland Young Life Area and is not an independent organization. The use of the term “Board” does not connote any corporate governance responsibilities. The Chicagoland Young Life Junior Board exists to connect Young Life alumni and friends to Young Life ministry in Chicagoland in a relational and advisory capacity.